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Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!
Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!

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Why list your Florida villa with us

We know there are numerous web sites available to list your vacation villa on and choosing the right one can be daunting, time consuming and, possibly, pointless.

We know this because we have “..been there, done that, and got the T shirt..”

As vacation rental villa owners ourselves we know what it is like to market your villa properly. We made the web site, listed the villa on dozens of sites, trawled through hundreds of generic email “enquiries” and spent $1000’s on “..Guaranteed qualified enquiries..” which never quite played out the way we thought. If we had a $1 for every guest who wanted to rent from us for a fraction of the advertised price we would be retired by now.

We Want That Villa is different because;

  • It’s completely FREE to list on our site. Owners do not pay for any of the services we offer
  • FREE feature bar listing for all Owners 24/7
  • FREE social media exposure which is personalised to your villa
  • FREE Owner/villa profiling on our front page if you want it
  • FREE listing assistance if the Owner requires it where we will create the villa listing for you.
  • Personal commitment to ALL enquires by our dedicated staff where we deal with the guests directly and all information we provide is personal to them.
  • Higher rental rates achieved and more repeat guests due to personalised service
  • Owners are only contacted when we receive a qualified enquiry from a guest
  • Owners agree all rental rates and we never discount any rates without the Owners’ specific agreement before the booking is taken
  • Owners receive payments as soon as we receive it from the Guest and receive the full amount of the rental, no payment processing charges to the Owner regardless of how payment is made to the Owner
  • Owner chooses payment method

There are many, many more reasons and we invite you to put us to the test and experience just how far we will go to assist you achieve what you want, more bookings and better rates.

Fully Qualified Guest enquiries

We don’t just send you every enquiry we receive for every villa we list as some automated systems may do.

All Guest enquiries are dealt with personally by our team and you will only be contacted to block out the dates when we have a fully qualified and deposit paid enquiry. Gone are the days of your calendar being blocked and then the dates being released weeks later meaning you may have missed other bookings. We will only ask you to block dates when the Guest has paid a deposit for the dates. The deposit is always forfeited by the Guest if they subsequently cancel so you don’t lose out.

Get the Rates you Want

You choose the nightly/weekly rates and you decide is there are any discounts applicable, not us. We will always confirm with you the total rental amount with you PRIOR to the booking being confirmed with the Guest. You decide if you are happy with what the Guest is prepared to pay.

All the rates on our site are INCLUSIVE of Taxes, Cleaning fee and breakages insurance (if applicable). Any extras can be requested by the Guest and priced accordingly.

Get Paid Fast and How you Want

We pay the balance of deposit to you within 72 hours of it being received by WWTV and the balance of rental 4 weeks before the Guest arrives as that is the time when the entire rental payment becomes non-refundable. We can however pay earlier should the Owner require it.

You also get the full amount of the rental payment as the Guest pays any Bank/Paypal fees charged.

High Quality content for more traffic

Our front page is the showcase for your villa and we provide all the features completely FREE of charge to you. You can use it as you like.

Showcase yourself as an owner by letting Guests see that you are real and who you are. Provide us with a photograph of yourselves, a logo or just another profile picture along with a bio of yourselves and we will post it on our front page for Guests to see.

We are constantly updating our content throughout the site which provides many portals into our site and to your villa.

Social Media Profiling and Exposure

We are constantly posting information on our range of social media with the specific purpose of increasing exposure for your villa. We promote specific villas and all enquiries that come through this exposure are allocated to your villa, not just general. Owners can have as much or as little social media exposure as they like.

We also offer a personal review of your villa during our frequent trips to Florida where we go to your villa (not when Guests are present and we don’t need to get inside) and we will take some pictures with us in WWTV branded clothing and then post it on social media so that Guests can see that we have been to your villa and can be confident it is as you say it is.

Post your 360* video or YouTube link and we will promote that as well.

As always, it’s all FREE.