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Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!
Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!

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Finding your Florida vacation rental with us

Finding the right Central Florida villa for your vacation couldn’t be simpler with We Want That Villa.

Simply enter the dates you want to go, select the number of bedrooms and any extra features you may want and the search results will present you with all the suitable villas for you.

Have a look at the individual villa features on its own unique listing page and make your enquiry from there. You can change your dates, check the villa availability and add on extras such as pool heat, BBQ hire etc.

If you are not sure of dates, or just need extra guidance as to where to base your family then just “Contact Us” via the site and our friendly professional team will guide you through the booking process and answer any questions you may have.

Once everything is confirmed we’ll send over an email with all the details that you need – all you need to do then is relax and look forward to staying in your Central Florida vacation rental.

We’ve created our website to ensure that our Guests find it extremely easy to find their perfect Central Florida villa, whatever the purpose of their vacation. We have worked hard to create a website that is easy to navigate and therefore making it simple to find a Central Florida villa for the vacation of a lifetime.

What do we do?

We Want That Villa is a website showcasing privately owned villas in Central Florida close to the World renowned attractions of Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, LegoLand and many, many more. This makes us the first port of call for anyone looking to find the perfect villa in Central Florida for their vacation.

Having a villa at your disposal will give you the freedom to come and go as you please, dipping in and out of Disney World and exploring the other sights that Florida has to offer. Unlike staying in a hotel, a villa gives vacationers the option to eat, swim, relax or sleep whenever it suits them, which is ideal for a family vacation.

All of our Villas are in close proximity to the parks and attractions and also a perfect base to explore what else Florida has to offer. We are an hour from either coast and surrounded by hundreds of golf courses for the beginner right through to those who fancy testing themselves on the same courses as the PGA professionals.

Rural Florida is on your door step where you can walk, watch and enjoy the abundance of Florida wildlife in its natural surroundings.

Visit some of the most beautiful small towns and villages showcasing rural crafts and foods and all a short drive away.

We know Florida intimately and will be happy to share that information with you.

Why should I rent a Central Florida Villa?

Making the most of your family vacation is at the top of most people’s priority list, however arranging the break to ensure that this happens can be a difficult task.

One of the first things we would recommend to review is the accommodation that you select for your family vacation. For example, if you are thinking of booking a hotel for your family to stay in don’t forget to weigh up the costs of a hotel and the villa – often people think that a villa will be much more expensive but that generally isn’t the case!

Do your family love hanging around the pool? You might struggle to get a spot to sunbathe in if you are staying in a popular hotel. However, with a villa you will have your own private pool, or the use of a spectacular, exclusive community pool, so there’s no need to rush to get a sunbed in the morning.

Speaking of mornings, are your family all on the same time schedule? It can often be a struggle to get everyone out of their rooms in time for breakfast and if they miss it you’ll have to pay more money for food. With a villa, everyone can get up when they’re ready and with a fully fitted kitchen everyone can grab some food when they’re ready – without having to pay anything extra.

One of the main reasons for renting a Florida villa is to visit Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and LegoLand, is when you’ve had a long day at the parks you want to be able to drive back to accommodation where you can relax and spend more quality time with your family. Staying in a hotel can often put restrictions on this as you have limited space and privacy. By booking a private villa you are able to spread out around the villa, the kids can be entertained in the pool or the games room and you can enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation time. Relaxing and enjoying your own private space with a cold drink whilst the kids play happily and safely beats a crowded expensive restrictive bar any day.

Vacation rental homes in Central Florida

When planning the perfect holiday for you and your family it can be hard to find something that suits everyone, especially if all your loved ones enjoy different things!

If you are thinking about vacationing in Central Florida and are looking for the perfect accommodation for your family to enjoy there’s a few things you need to consider.

It is important to make sure that you can find a place that will make everyone feel at home and allow for some quality family time too. We think that a vacation rental villa is the perfect option for families who want all the above, and some luxury thrown in.

Having a free reign of a private villa for your family means that you are able to get the best of all Worlds, enjoying family time together around the pool, enjoying the games room and relaxing together after food whilst still all having your own space to enjoy yourselves and do your own thing.

Why choose a vacation rental home for a Central Florida vacation?

Prior to booking a vacation rental home in Central Florida many of our Guests have tried out staying in hotels, condos and other accommodation. However, after staying in a private villa they never look back.

There are many reasons for this including:


Staying in a villa during a stay in Florida offers so much more flexibility than any other accommodation options. There are no limits in terms of meal times or space for the kids to run around in. There are no extra charges for using games facilities in the building or having to get the kids up extra early to make sure that they don’t miss breakfast.

Having a vacation rental home means that you can come and go as you please, you don’t need to stick to tight deadlines or do anything that doesn’t fit the schedule that suits your family best.


It is often misunderstood how much a villa costs to rent, with many vacationers presuming that a hotel is the cheaper option.

This is often not the case however, villas are usually cheaper to rent for the duration of a holiday than a costly hotel, especially if you are a family or families. As money has been saved on the hotel often holiday makers can then spend money on their food, cooking in their kitchen rather than eating out all the time – again, saving more money on their holiday.

Things to be considered; Hotels v Private Villa 

How many flights up will you be and how far down the corridor from the elevator is your room? Is there anyone in your party that struggles with mobility issues that this may affect?  What view you will have from your hotel room?

How far is to the pool from your hotel room? Do you have far to carry all your bathing stuff or return to if you have forgotten something!  Do you have to get up early to get a sun lounger especially if you all want to sit together?

How far to the hotel restaurant/snack bar, can you send the kids on their own if they want something? How expensive is it, will you have to set limitations on your budget for ices and chips etc.? Will the menu be to everyone’s choice?

Where and how much will it cost you to park if you have a vehicle (a tip every time will also be expected by the valet/concierge) how far is it from your hotel?

Will your hotel room be ready when you get here or will you have to wait for it to be made up, can you keep it until you need to leave, how much extra will it cost?

Is the hotel bar and restaurant open when YOU need it to be? Stomachs don’t work to a time table especially children’s!

Will you want to be eating at the hotel or out a lot? This is very expensive and cuts into your budget considerably.

Will you need to que/wait and pay extra for the use of the games and computer games?

Will you have Wi Fi in your room or just in the reception?

Where is there to relax, spread out and socialize with family and friends spending quality time together?

Will your room neighbors be as quiet as you need them to be? Will they be on the same sleep pattern as you, or slamming doors and making noise when they come in and disturbing your sleep?

Will fellow hotel users respect common decency in regards to language especially around your children and will they follow social etiquette or will you or your children be barged and banged out to the way for them to get to the bar/food etc.

The all-round best solution is to rent a villa from We Want That Villa, you will then know for sure

Exactly where the villa is located and what you can expect via the photos and full details stating everything that is provided in it.

Your own private or exclusive pool is on your door step that can be used by everybody at times to suit them and not have to contend with other vacationer’s noise or inconsideration, or have to get up early to find a sunbed. It is also only a few steps back in to get anything!

You know when the kids have gone outside as the pool alarm door will ring alerting you to any safety issues or concerns you have.

All villas have fully equipped kitchens so food, drinks and snacks can be pre bought, stored and can be easily accessible to all, and there is no extra expense once that’s done. Very helpful to the budget as eating out and snacks out are all very expensive.

Your vehicle will be parked on or directly in front of your villa for you to use as and when you want with no parking charges or tips required and no great distances to walk carrying all of your necessities to load up for your days outing .

You can choose the flexibility of when you arrive and depart the villa at no extra charge if this available.

Your villa kitchen is open when YOU want it be and the only constraints of food choices/times are what you or your stomach may choose to impose.

The games room in your villa (if applicable) and consoles are for use at your leisure and so you won’t hear the kids keep saying “how much longer do I have to wait and I need another dollar for this machine”.

Villas with Wi-Fi have coverage throughout the villa.

Villas have a least one family socialization room if not more where you can all spread out and have room to enjoy having family time together.

The majority of our villas are detached and private so you don’t have to consider the antics, volume/language of other vacationers!

Making the most of the attractions

One of the main reasons that Guests visit Central Florida is because of the attractions such as Universal Studios, Disney World, LegoLand and SeaWorld. By staying in a vacation villa whilst in Central Florida our Guests have found that they are able to make the most of these attractions.

They can spend a few hours at Disney and then retreat to their villa for some more fun and time around the pool and then go back to Disney World for the firework show at night time – giving them the time to rest in between!

They are also able to travel more freely between the attractions as there are no restrictions on when they get up or go to bed.

Interested in finding a vacation rental home in Central Florida?

If you would like to take the next steps of booking your vacation rental home for a Central Florida vacation look no further than We Want That Villa. If you have more questions about We Want That Villa and how we work there is substantial information on our about us and company pages on our website at www.wewanthatvilla.com where you can search, research and enquire about a villa to suit you. Through this you can contact us by email, phone, text, skype or social media and we will reply as soon as possible once we’ve received your enquiry.