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Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!

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Welcome to the USA


You will see the above phrase and very visible American Flags everywhere in the USA. Americans are actually very pleased to see you and they are very proud of America and everything it stands for. When visiting the USA you will be treated as a very welcome visitor and quasi American. As such you may need to know some slight differences between us and our near cousins across the pond.

1. Americans are usually big, loud and very friendly. Dont be surprised that everyone wants to talk to you and, in many cases, are prepared to tell you their life story. This is common in the US, so please go with the flow.

2. Tipping is the norm. Everyone gives tips and all service providers expect tips. Most supermarkets publish signs asking people not to tip but it is always a good idea to give a small tip as a sign of your appreciation. As a guide, $2 for a porter or bell boy is acceptable. 15% of the total check/bill to $20 maximum is perfectly acceptable in a restaurant.

3. Americans tend to say it as it is, and dont stand on ceremony. This may seem, in some cases, quite rude but generally it is not.

4. "have a nice day" means "really" have a nice day, they mean it !

5. Driving is a real experience. Just take your time and dont ever get involved with so called "road rage". Just chill out in the sun and Have a great day !

Tip of the day: America is the most welcoming country in the world and most Americans are really proud that a non American would want to go there, and they will tell you so. It really is the Land of the Free !

Enjoy your stay and come back real soon, y'all.