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Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!

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Meet the owners

Meet the Owners of Villa ID 254

We are Trisha, Lesley and Clive. We are sisters and brother who decided to invest together in our wonderful holiday home in the sun in 2001. Between us we have eight children and six grandchildren. Our lovely mum thought of the name TLC villas (though it’s just the one villa) as a play on the “Trisha, Lesley and Clive” and “Tender Loving, Care” and we have certainly put lots of both into our wonderful Florida Home. We try to visit as often as we can – sometimes up to three times a year to keep the place in tip top condition as well as trying to make improvements and upgrades on each visit. We have had the same management company since the villa was constructed and they will do everything in their power to make sure you have all you need for a wonderful vacation/holiday. We are pleased to be partnered with We want That Villa and work closely with the team there. We hope you love our Florida Home as much as we do.

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