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Guest Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you read and understand the following terms and conditions pertinent to your vacation home accommodation rental (the accommodation). If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification prior to booking.

The accommodation contained on the web site www.WeWantThatVilla.com (the web site) is offered by WeWantThatVilla but the accommodation is owned by others who authorize WeWantThatVilla to act as their agent in offering their accommodation for rental and take bookings on their behalf. Although we take every care to ensure the accommodation offered on the web site is as described and of a high standard, the owners indemnify

WeWantThatVilla as to the accommodation descriptions’ accuracy. WeWantThatVilla offer a free and impartial mediation service should the accommodation not be as described on the web site, which we validate regularly. See disputes further in these terms. The owners’ description on the web site stands as the description of the accommodation to be rented if a dispute arises.

Whilst we reserve the right to increase or decrease accommodation prices at any time, we will confirm to you the current price at the time of booking. As soon as you have confirmed your booking and paid your deposit or full payment, the cost of the accommodation is guaranteed against any increase. This guarantee is offered subject to our terms and conditions and payment schedules being adhered to and providing you do not make further amendments to your accommodation arrangements. We will always attempt to make minor amendments for you, subject to agreement with the accommodation owner, at no extra cost but this cannot be guaranteed.

WeWantThatVilla will generally quote in US Dollars, Great British Pounds or Euros but it is the guests’ prerogative which currency they require quoting in and to pay in subject to us accepting such a currency. Payment must be made in the currency quoted. The amount quoted is only guaranteed once the deposit, or all of the cost of the accommodation if booked less than 8 weeks before arrival, is paid.

WeWantThatVilla or the accommodation owners are not responsible for currency fluctuations.

Your accommodation includes the accommodation as described on the web site(s) at the time of booking, and includes services e.g. Gas, Water, Electricity and all taxes (excludes pool and spa heating unless specified and paid for in your original booking). Unless stated on the accommodation description telephone calls are not included. If Wi-Fi is included at the accommodation then it is included free of charge unless expressly stated at the time of booking.

NOT included in accommodation prices: a) Flights b) Car Hire c) Holiday Insurance. Pool and Spa Heating are only included if specified on the booking enquiry or paid for prior to the rental period starting.

The accommodation is situated as described in the specification published on the web site and is correct at the time of booking. However we only release the exact address of the accommodation, for security reasons, once the full amount of the rental has been paid.

The pictures shown of the accommodation on the web site are of the accommodation you will stay in unless the accommodation becomes unavailable subject to these terms and conditions. We will never change the accommodation without your express understanding and agreement to do so.

As our site showcases accommodation which is privately owned it is the choice of the owner what they charge per night for the accommodation. Therefore it is highly likely that you will see similar properties at different prices. Each villa is individually priced by the owner so it is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that the chosen accommodation fits their requirements and budget best. If you are in any doubt at all just contact us atfindmeavilla@wwtv.us and we will be happy to help you.

The lead Guest is a person who acts on behalf of their self and/or all other guests as a collective

Booking Procedure

All bookings that are accepted are subject to these terms and conditions and are applicable to all persons listed on the booking form. Each booking will be fully confirmed, only after receiving the completed booking form and deposit.

Once confirmed, the first named person on the booking form will be responsible for the total accommodation price of the property. If the full balance of the accommodation cost is not paid in accordance with these booking conditions we reserve the right to cancel your booking and no refund of deposit paid will be made. The first named guest also confirms by signing the booking form, or returning the completed form by e-mail, that they are authorised to accept, and bind, all members of their party to these terms and conditions.

The booking procedure is as follows;

  1. Guest check’s availability of the accommodation and total cost on the web site. For the benefit of all our guests the prices shown on the web site are in United States dollars or Great British Pounds and are inclusive of all taxes. What you see is what you pay and you can choose your preferred currency to pay in.
  2. Click “enquire now” tab on the web site and you will receive a confirmation email from WeWantThatVilla advising that your provisional booking is being processed.
  3. WeWantThatVilla will confirm availability of selected dates and total cost of accommodation by e-mail to the guest with the booking form.
  4. Guest returns fully completed booking form to WeWantThatVilla by email or post along with deposit or full payment.
  5. On receipt of fully completed booking form and relevant payment WeWantThatVilla will confirm booking by e-mail. The booking is deemed confirmed by WeWantThatVilla when the e-mail is sent.
  6. If the booking is made more than 8 weeks before the date of arrival, WeWantThatVilla will send a reminder email to the guest for them to make the final payment. WeWantThatVilla will collect the final balance and provide the guest with all instructions to enable them to access the accommodation along with details of the management company looking after the accommodation.

Payment and booking deposit

The first named guest should complete the booking form and forward it with the deposit amount due to WeWantThatVilla either by e-mail to bookings@wwtv.us or post to 7 Princess St, Whalley, Lancashire BB7 9SZ United Kingdom. A booking deposit of £300, E300, CAN$550, US$500, or any such amount as advised by WeWantThatVilla prior to booking with a minimum of 10% of the total rental payable is payable at the time of booking and payment must be made by Paypal® or Bank transfer, fees apply. Only UK cheques are acceptable payable to WeWantThatVilla. This deposit is non refundable in any event except where the accommodation becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control. See force majeure further in these T & C’s.

The balance of the total cost of the accommodation is due no later than 8 weeks prior to your arrival date at the accommodation and payable in the same manner as the deposit was made to WeWantThatVilla. Bookings made within 8 weeks of arrival are payable in full at the time of booking and always to WeWantThatVilla. We accept payments by PayPal® or bank transfer. If you do not have a Paypal® account then you can easily set one up at www.paypal.com. Fees apply to all payments including UK cheques.

Only cheques issued by UK banks and in the name of the lead guest will be accepted. Company or 3rd party cheques will not be accepted.

If any payments are not made by the due dates, or if payments made by cheque are dishonoured by the bank, then WeWantThatVilla may consider the booking cancelled by the guests and any payments made are forfeited.

All fees charged by PayPal® or any bank or transfer company are payable by the Guest in all transactions.

Schedule of fees payable by the Guest

Payment method Payment below $3,000 Payment above $3,000 Payment above $3,000
Paypal 4.5% + $15 admin fee 4.5% + $45 admin fee $50
Bank transfer $25 admin fee $75 admin fee $25
UK cheque £10 admin fee £35 admin fee £10


Security Deposit

No later than 14 days prior to arrival at the accommodation the guest must pay a refundable security deposit by Paypal® of £300, E350, CAN$550 or US$500, or any other amount advised to the Guest prior to booking, to WeWantThatVilla. WeWantThatVilla will send the 1st named guest a “Funds Request” via Paypal® and the guest will send the security deposit. This security deposit will be left in escrow with Paypal® and a refund will be issued after you leave the accommodation. Any fees charged by Paypal® are to be paid by the guest.

Alternatively the guest will be charged a “Security Indemnity Premium” which covers the guests against breakages or damages “Reported to the management company whilst the Guest is still at the accommodation” If breakages are not reported whilst the guest is still in the accommodation then “there will be no cover” and the guest will be liable for any breakages or damages. The premium will be advised at the time of booking and is totally non-refundable in any event.

Some owners only offer “Security Indemnity Premiums” and do not accept security deposits. If this is the case then the premium is included in the price displayed on the web site.

The completion of the booking form confirms the first named guest’s acceptance to pay for any damage of any kind caused by them, or any member of their party, to the accommodation. The cost of any repairs and/or replacements will be deducted from your security deposit and a statement provided to you with any balance refundable by WeWantThatVilla. WeWantThatVilla will never make any charges against the security deposit and any charges made will be payable to the accommodation owner.

The owner is entitled to the cost of replacing and/or repairing of any lost or damaged items on a like for like basis with reasonable upgrades on electronic items.

The security deposit will usually be returned within 14 days of you vacating the property, providing there are no claims against it. In the event of any damage of any kind, excessive cleaning costs by managing agents, non-included telephone calls or excessive use of electricity (i.e.; caused by leaving external doors open with the air conditioning on) the first named person on the booking form will be held responsible for all additional costs to the accommodation owner which exceed the security deposit. Any damage noted upon your arrival should be reported to the management company within 24 hours on the number clearly displayed in the accommodation and WeWantThatVilla strongly suggest photographs and videos are taken of any damage or omissions immediately they are noticed and such photographs and videos emailed to us on damages@wwtv.us

Loss/Failure to return accommodation keys/access cards

In the case of loss or failure to return keys the accommodation owner is entitled to the cost of replacing all locks, or reprogramming card access machines, to which the guest had a key/access card.

Cancellations and changes to booking

Providing WeWantThatVilla receives written notice of cancellation (an email to cancellations@wwtv.us is considered written notice) more than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date at the accommodation, the first named person will not be liable to pay the full balance but the booking deposit will be forfeited in any event. It is the responsibility of the first named person to ensure that the signed cancellation letter or e-mail reaches WeWantThatVilla within the timescales stated.

In all cases of cancellation, save force majeure, the reservation deposit will be forfeited.

If cancellation is made within 6 - 8 weeks of the arrival date then the first named person will be entitled to a refund of 30% of the total cost of the accommodation, if already paid. If cancellation is made within 4 - 6 weeks of the arrival date then the first named person will be entitled to a refund of 15% of the total cost of the accommodation, if already paid. If cancellation is made less than 4 weeks of the arrival date then the first named person will not be entitled to a refund of the total cost of the accommodation, if already paid.

It is at the absolute discretion of the accommodation owner to offer alternative dates to the guest and to allocate any of the payments already made to those alternative dates. However WeWantThatVilla will do everything it can to provide alternative dates but cannot guarantee this in any individual case as it is the owners absolute discretion to offer alternative arrangements or not and not WeWantThatVilla.

In the case of the accommodation being cancelled by the guest due to “exceptional circumstances” the accommodation owner will offer 3 (three) sets of alternative dates to the guest within the following 12 months starting on the 1st date of the original booking. The dates will consist of the original number of nights booked but if the price is more than originally quoted then the guest will be liable for the additional rental amount. No refund will be given for accommodation rates being less than originally booked.

Exceptional circumstances apply to the 1st named guest ONLY and consist of;

  1. Death of an immediate family member being parent, child or spouse but not brother or sister.
  2. Diagnosis of a terminal illness of one of the above persons
  3. Serious injury of one of the above persons. Serious injury consists of the person being hospitalised for at least 4 weeks.
  4. Proof of the above will be required prior to agreeing alternative dates.

Refunds are to be made by the accommodation owner once full payment has been made and NOT WeWantThatVilla as payment may have been made to the owner at that point. Any payments made to the accommodation owner will only be refunded by the accommodation owner subject to these terms and conditions.

WeWantThatVilla reserves the right to cancel any bookings at any time, providing written notice is given to the guest by WeWantThatVilla and any payments already made to WeWantThatVilla being refunded, in the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control necessitate cancellation of the booking. Any money paid by WeWantThatVilla to the accommodation owner will be repaid by them. We will refund any monies paid to WeWantThatVilla, which have not been paid over to the accommodation owner, to the first named person in the same manner as payment was made with no liability to WeWantThatVilla for interest, compensation or consequential loss of any kind. We will not refund any currency differences or fees charged by a 3rd party bank or Paypal®.

All refunds are made in the same manner as paid and only to the person or organisation who made the original payment. For legal reasons we cannot make payments to any other organisation or person.

WeWantThatVilla is always sympathetic to changes in the booking requirements or dates so far as is possible. An administration charge of US$100, E75 or £75 is always payable PLUS any increased difference in the price that would normally be charged for the amended dates.

This is only applicable if any change of dates is made more than 8 weeks before your arrival at the accommodation and if such change can be accommodated by the original or new accommodation owners. If the price of the amended accommodation would have been less than the amount of the original booking then there is no refund payable but the administration charge is still payable. Any payments made by the guest and subsequently passed to the accommodation owner are refundable only in the absolute discretion of the accommodation owner and WeWantThatVilla cannot be held responsible for that refund.

Changes to dates less than 8 weeks before the arrival date at the accommodation is purely at the discretion of the accommodation owners and an agreed administration fee of US$100, E75 or £75 will be payable to WeWantThatVilla should the amended dates be able to be provided by the accommodation owners.

Dispute resolution

WeWantThatVilla offers a completely free of charge dispute mediation service where we will attempt to resolve any dispute between the accommodation owner and guest on a mutually acceptable basis.

However, WeWantThatVilla cannot be held liable by the guest in any way for any charges made by the accommodation owner in regard to alleged damage/loss or excess usage. WeWantThatVilla will always try to be as independent as possible as it is in everyone’s interest that the accommodation provided is as described on the web site(s). WeWantThatVilla will NEVER make any charges or deductions from the guests’ security deposit for any reason whatsoever.

If the guest wishes to use our dispute resolution procedure then the following is to be complied with;

  1. Notify the management company, preferably in writing, as soon as an issue arises.
  2. If the issue is not resolved during your stay, or not resolved to your satisfaction, contact WeWantThatVilla within 7 days of returning from your vacation in writing giving a full and comprehensive explanation of the issue(s) that occurred including names, dates and any correspondence if applicable. Please also state what your expected outcome of the dispute would be acceptable to you.
  3. We will open a dispute resolution case and take the matter up directly with the accommodation owner.
  4. We will aim to respond to you within 14 days to advise the owners’ comments or, should we not have a response from the owner, then advise you of the timescales we expect to get a response.
  5. We will then mediate between the parties via email ONLY and advise what resolution we consider, based on the evidence, is fair and reasonable and hopefully a resolution can be achieved.
  6. If no resolution is achieved after 30 days of opening of the case then WeWantThatVilla will disclose the contact details of each of the parties to each other for them to correspond directly with each other.
  7. The security deposit paid will be sent to the accommodation owner at this point.

Accommodation and Resort amenities

The accommodation owners will make all reasonable effort to ensure that all the amenities and resort facilities are available for use by the guest(s) throughout their stay. However this can not be guaranteed and they are not liable to any claim for loss of use or compensation for such resort amenity not being available. If at all possible, a link to the community web site where the accommodation is situated will be provided on the web site so the guest may be able to see any planned maintenance for community facilities.

WeWantThatVilla cannot be held responsible for any of the resort amenities not being available for any or all of the guests stay. The accommodation owners have an agreement with the Home Owners Association (HOA) for them to make every effort to ensure that all amenities of the resort are clean, tidy, available and safe at all times. WeWantThatVilla accepts no liability for the failure of the HOA in regard these amenities.

Should any accommodation amenity not be working correctly, or fails to work correctly during the guests’ stay, it is the guests responsibility to inform the management company (details of which will be in the accommodation) as soon as possible who will make all reasonable efforts to repair or replace any faulty amenity. WeWantThatVilla has absolutely no control over the accommodation’s management company and cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the performance of the management company. This does not affect any recourse the guest may have against the accommodation owner.

Community Cleaning / Pest Control and Gardening

It is likely during your stay that the pool service, pest control and gardening service will visit the accommodation. The accommodation owners have instructed the contractors, via their Management Company or HOA, to carry out these services in a quiet, efficient and as non intrusive manner as possible. These are essential services to ensure your continued comfort , hygiene and enjoyment of the accommodation and are likely to be performed whilst you are not at the property in any event. Should special measures be required to ensure the cleanliness or safety of the pool, accommodation or gardens then the contractors will issue you with specific instructions which may result in you not being able to use part of the accommodation for a period of time. WeWantThatVilla accepts No liability because of this action, it will be essential and in your interests.

Pool and Spa

The pool and spa are cleaned and chemically balanced every week/bi weekly for your safety and comfort. For an additional fee the pool can be heated during your stay. Pool heating is usually switched on two days before you arrive (subject to individual instructions from the accommodation owners) as it may take some time to heat the pool to optimum temperature. The pool heater is generally set at 82 degrees Fahrenheit which is the highest it can be under Florida State Law. The heater will heat the pool to a maximum of 35 degrees Fahrenheit above air temperature. This is a very pleasant temperature in the winter months. However, the pool heater WILL NOT work if the air temperature falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is rare but it does happen. In order to avoid this happening, the pool cover should be used during the winter months, or when the pool requires heating, otherwise the pool heater may not work correctly. During the summer months, May – October generally pool heat is not required and it is a refreshing escape from the Florida heat and humidity.

Pool heat can only be booked for the entirety of your stay.

Please always shower before entering the pool and wash off any sun screen and oils to keep the pool clean and pleasant for all guests.

Many pools in Florida have an additional area added on to the pool which looks like a hot tub. Generally these are NOT hot tubs but merely an ornamental feature to the pool. They are described on our site as a “spa” as they may contain jets. Always check the accommodation listing in Villa amenities that will state if the accommodation has a hot tub that heats up.

For safety reasons there will be a child safety fence in place, unless specifically stated on the full accommodation specification, and the patio doors are also usually alarmed. Although the safety fence can be dismantled, which is strongly advised against and you do so at your own risk, we highly recommend that it is NEVER dismantled and the gates are kept closed when the pool is not being supervised by an adult. It’s there for a purpose so use it. It is your responsibility to ensure that the patio door alarms are NOT turned off and are working and that children are accompanied by an adult at all times when in o r around the pool and pool area.

Please use plastic tableware outside in this area. In the unlikely event of glass becoming broken near the pool (because no glass should be in the patio/pool area) you are duty bound to let the management company know so the pool service can sweep the pool to avoid a future accident. The pool must not be used again until such time as the pool company declare it clean and safe which may be a couple of days. The simple advice here then is not to have glass or crockery in the patio/pool area as it is strictly forbidden.

Guests use the pool area at their own risk. They should always observe the safety rules listed on the notice(s) displayed in the pool area. The pool is NOT to be used by children without adult supervision.

Never ever dive or jump into the pool. Only enter and exit the pool via the steps or ladder built into the pool.

If pool/spa heat is ordered for your stay then it is done so under the terms given to you by the management company on arrival (if applicable) and contained in the management folder situated in the accommodation. Due to the fact that the pool is outside and the weather has a serious effect on the pool temperature WeWantThatVilla or the accommodation owner cannot guarantee that it will always be at the correct temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. However please ensure that you follow the directions in the information manual in the accommodation and you should always use the cover at night to retain heat in the pool, especially during winter months. You should in no circumstances attempt to change or over ride the pool heating settings as this will cause damage to the heater or equipment and will be chargeable to you. Always call the management company.

In exceptional circumstances due to extreme weather conditions the pool water levels may have to be reduced and pool heat turned off to avoid overflowing and causing damage to the pool and surrounding area. Do not use the pool in these circumstances until given the permission by the management company or pool engineers. WeWantThatVilla or the accommodation owners cannot be held liable for the loss of use of the pool during times of extreme weather.


All persons stated on the booking form are responsible for the care of the accommodation and are expected to report all breakages, accidents or losses to the management company as soon as possible. Details of the management company will be supplied to you on payment of the final balance and can be found in the accommodation. The first named guest agrees to pay the full cost of any breakages, losses or damages to the property. It is all of the guest’s responsibility to notify the management company immediately of any sudden equipment failure so that reasonable action can be taken to rectif y the situation. Under no circumstances must any guest attempt to maintain, mend, adjust, retune, dismantle or interfere in any way any electrical item, item of furniture or other contents of the accommodation whether inside or out. Any attempt to do so will be entirely at the guests own risk and any damage caused is chargeable against the security deposit and the 1st named guest.

Party Size

Everyone occupying the property must be listed on the booking form, including small children. This is Florida State Law and must be adhered to. The accommodation cannot be shared or sub-let and only the persons shown on the booking form are permitted to stay in the property. Although the mass majority of accommodation owners fully welcome children under the age of 21 years we must insist (it’s the Law apparently) that they are accompanied by their parents/guardians or at least one responsible adult over the age of 21 for every three children under the age of 21.

The accommodation is fully licensed for short term rentals in Florida and the guests are responsible for adhering to those licencing requirements in regard to the amount of people in the property.

WeWantThatVilla and the accommodation owners reserve the right to refuse admittance if this, vital for safety reasons, condition is not met. Maximum occupancy is limited to the number of persons shown on the full accommodation specification on the web site. Failure to comply will render the booking null and void and no refund will be paid.


For the safety and comfort of all our guests, smoking is not permitted within the property. Smoking is generally permitted in the pool/patio area (not the pool itself please) as long as guests exercise caution and dispose of their waste smoking items sensibly. By Florida Law the property is hardwired with smoke detectors inside and it is an offence to interfere or obstruct them.


Check full accommodation specification on the web site. An extra security deposit may be required if the accommodation owner allows pets. Pets are considered as either dogs or cats and the accommodation owner will need specific details of the exact number, type and size of the pet before agreeing to the rental. No pets are allowed to roam free outside of the accommodation and my at all times be kept on a leash. Please also clean up after your pet as you will be charged for cleaning animal waste from the accommodation and may be fined by the community if you don’t clean up after your pet.


Welcome packs may be available but please check full listing specification on the web site or just ask for details. There may be a limited amount of toilet rolls and travel soaps in the bathrooms on arrival and there may be other items left by previous guests such as washing up liquid etc. however these are not included in the rental payment. There are numerous outlets around the resorts to pick up basic supplies on arrival and numerous supermarkets for larger shopping trips. Most supermarkets are open 24 hours.


This is scary, but essential, stuff so please read it very carefully and ensure that you abide by all the rules and guidelines published in these terms and conditions and in the accommodation itself which is for yours, and your party members’ safety. This applies equally to casual, non resident guests of the guests.

WeWantThatVilla, the accommodation owners and the management company of the property accept no responsibility whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal belongings however caused except if caused by gross negligence and this is limited to an action against the party responsible for the gross negligence.

The use of all of the accommodation and amenities, including the pool, is entirely at the guests own risk. Children must be supervised by responsible adults at all times when using the pool and nobody must ever swim alone or after consuming alcohol or drugs of any kind. Glass or crockery is not permitted within the pool area and the accommodation owners may provide sufficient plastic drinks and food containers for this purpose.

WeWantThatVilla, the accommodation owners and the management company cannot accept any liability for any loss of rental time due to travel problems, flight delays or cancellations, industrial disputes or any events outside our control, including any form of Force Majeure.

WeWantThatVilla, cannot accept responsibility for the sudden failure of villa equipment but the accommodation owners and the management company will take reasonable action to rectify any such failure upon notification by the guests.

WeWantThatVilla, the accommodation owners or management company cannot accept liability if the pool heater cannot reach optimum temperature due to adverse cold weather conditions.

Arrivals and departures

The accommodation will be available from 4pm on the date of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with the accommodation owners. The accommodation owners may try to accommodate late departures if at all possible, when there are no other guests due on the day of your arrival and departure respectively, at a nominal extra charge which will be deducted from your security deposit. If you need this service just ask.

Lost Property

It is the responsibility of the guests to look after their personal property at all times however we do understand that sometimes things get left behind in the rush of leaving. If this happens please follow the instructions to recover your property;

  1. If at all possible return to the accommodation and recover the property.
  2. If that is not possible call the management company who will arrange to check the accommodation for the property.
  3. There are no guarantees that the property will be recovered or in what timescale.
  4. If the property is recovered then the management company will call you to make arrangements for the property to be returned to you.
  5. The Guests are responsible for any reasonable charges incurred in having the property returned to them.
  6. Under no circumstances are WeWantThatVilla or the accommodation owners responsible for lost property or the return of the same.

Travel Insurance

WeWantThatVilla strongly recommends that all members of the party are covered by travel insurance which carries adequate protection against delays and cancellations and has sufficient medical, death and repatriation insurance for the United States of America and for your luggage and personal belongings. Cover should start when the booking is made NOT when the vacation is taken.

WeWantThatVilla strongly recommends that travel insurance is taken out with sufficient cover to cover any loss of booking deposit, rental payments made or due and damages.

Under no circumstances will the guests be allowed to make a claim using the accommodation owner’s insurance policy or coverage.

Force Majeure

As with any other vacation, there may be circumstances completely beyond the control and contemplation of WeWantThatVilla or the accommodation owner in which the accommodation might not be available for your booking. Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) destruction of or severe damage to the accommodation. Such circumstances are referred to as Force Majeure. In the event of Force Majeure then WeWantThatVilla will do its best to make alternative arrangements for you wherever possible. If WeWantThatVilla cannot, or if the alternative arrangements are not acceptable to you, then WeWantThatVilla and/or the accommodation owner will refund all monies paid. This will be the full extent of WeWantThatVilla and the accommodation owner’s liability to you in such circumstances, and they shall not be responsible for any other costs connected with any such cancellation, howsoever arising.

Extreme Weather

Florida is prone to extreme weather at certain times of the year and nobody can be held responsible for this. When planning your trip to Florida check with a weather site or www.holiday-weather.com/orlando

WeWantThatVilla and the accommodation owners cannot be held responsible for any delays, disruption, loss or personal injury caused directly by extreme weather.

Owners Access

The accommodation owners or their management company shall be allowed access at any reasonable time during your stay to inspect the accommodation should they consider it right to do so in their absolute discretion. The owners and their management company will only enter the accommodation during your stay as a last resort and only if any issues can not be resolved over the telephone. Except in an emergency, when they can enter the accommodation at any time, the owner or their management company will only enter the accommodation by appointment and during reasonable hours.

Code of Conduct/ Cleaning

All the accommodation on our web site are considered “family friendly” or “vacation homes” and as such are considered an Oasis of calm and tranquillity and the perfect place to relax and enjoy your holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the parks. Homes are generally situated on community resorts where there are many similar properties and “neighbours” are the norm not the exception. We therefore require WeWantThatVilla guests to have respect for all of the neighbours. It is therefore a condition of the booking that you should be considerate in your behaviour and keep noise levels to a reasonable level so as not to interfere with the enjoyment of either other vacationers or the residents of the community the accommodation is on.

Neither, the first named guest or any member of their party, or invited non resident guests, will use illegal drugs or conduct any unlawful, immoral or illegal acts on the property. You will take care not to play excessively loud music or otherwise create a nuisance to the neighbours. Please do not use the pool after 9.00pm except for quite reflection or gentle swimming. Please keep the noise down.

Topless sunbathing is illegal in Florida unless on a specified beach licenced for such bathing. This includes in private accommodation and is considered Indecent Exposure.

The accommodation will have been fully cleaned before you arrive, and we request that you leave it in good order when you leave, although you do not need to clean it. A thorough clean of the property after you leave is included in your rental but it would be greatly appreciated if you could strip any beds that have been used and place all dirty linen and towels in the bath tubs. Please place all used crockery in the dish washer. Please do not leave crockery etc in the sink. Any exceptional cleaning costs will be deducted from your security deposit.

Insects and wildlife

Florida has an abundant number of insects associated with its tropical climate. All the accommodation is treated for insects regularly to ensure no problems occur but on occasion insects inevitably find their way into the accommodation. Ants are the most common intruder but are easily avoided by not leaving foodstuffs out or sweet wrappers in bedrooms etc. If you feel uncomfortable due to insects please call the management company immediately and they will send round the relevant pest control to sort it out.

You have heard all about the Florida alligators or “gators”. Don’t worry, they are very rare in residential communities or the surrounding areas. They don’t have a guest pass so should not get through the main gate anyway, security is fussy like that. If for any reason you encounter an alligator then follow these simple rules;

Utilities/Phone/WiFi/TV service/Games consoles

Included in your accommodation cost the accommodation owner will pay all utility costs including water, heat, electric and trash removal. TV’s are provided in all accommodation and most will have cable service. Please check the full accommodation specification on the WeWantThatVilla web site for telephone call changes and availability of Wi-Fi, cable service or games consoles. WeWantThatVilla accepts no responsibility for any loss of service of any of the above included extras.

TV packages vary widely and can only be confirmed if a specific request for a certain package is made to WeWantThatVilla and we confirm the same. Otherwise only basic TV packages are assumed to be available in the accommodation.

Linens and Kitchen Supplies

Please check full accommodation specification for facilities of the property.

Trash (Rubbish) Removal

Please put bagged trash into the trash containers with lids and place them at the edge of the driveway on the trash days listed in the home. The empty containers should be returned to storage following pick up, Bags not in sealed containers should not be left out as the local wildlife will pay a visit and you may be charged for any trash on the drive. If in doubt call the management company for further advice.

Parking and Driving

Please note that trucks, commercial vehicles, campers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, motor homes, house trailers, trailers of every other description, boats, jet skis (or other similar watercraft) and other watercraft trailers, horse trailers or vans will usually not be permitted to be parked or to be stored on the accommodation communities. Please ask us specifically if any of these vehicles will be required to be parked and we can advise you directly. There is usually sufficient parking for two full sized vehicles at the accommodation or in communal car parks. Please do not park on the verge or anywhere else other than the driveway or designated car parking space(s). Always observe the maximum speed limit of 10mph within the community as children and elderly persons will always be there. Remember you are in a vacation resort and there are children everywhere.

If you park on the verges or in non-permitted areas you may be fined by the Home Owners Association which will be your sole responsibility.


Under no circumstances are any weapons, firearms or ammunition allowed on the entire accommodation property at any time regardless of whether it/they are legally held expect if held by a duly deputised Law enforcement officer at the time of the weapon being held.


The accommodation on the WeWantThatVilla web site is available to most people who wish to either holiday, live or work in Florida but the owners expect, and it is a condition precedent of any booking that the guest(s) all have the correct passport, visa or entitlement to vacation, live or work in Florida. Most EU citizens staying for less than 90 days in the United States of America are covered under the visa waiver (I-94) scheme but it is the responsibility of each individual guest to ensure that they have the correct paperwork in order to be allowed entry to the United States of America. You will also need an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) certificate which can be obtained from www.esta.cbp.dhs.gov for the face value. Other web sites may charge extra for the same service. ALL guests will need an individual ESTA and will not be allowed to travel to the USA without one. If any guest is refused, or subsequently removed, from the United States of America then WeWantThatVilla or the accommodation owners are not liable in any way to provide any refund for the accommodation. If in doubt, please consult with the United States Embassy or your airline/travel company.

We recommend you check the travel requirements regularly as due to a change of administration in 2017 in the USA and things may change quickly or without notice.


We hope that you do not have any. But in the unlikely event that you wish to register a complaint during your holiday contact the property management company immediately so that remedial action may be taken. Details of how to contact the management company can be found in the villa and on information provided by WeWantThatVilla. Contact WeWantThatVilla when you get home and we will see what we can do to resolve any complaints with the accommodation owners. Please do not contact WeWantThatVilla whilst you are at the accommodation as we are based in the UK and 5/6 hours ahead of Florida. Call the management company first please. Be assured that we will do everything in our power to assist you but the first point of call is the local management company, that’s what they are there for.

Future Amendments

The accommodation owners reserve the right to amend, remove or alter these terms and conditions at any time even after they have been accepted by the first named guest and the guests all agree to such amendment without recourse to compensation from WeWantThatVilla the accommodation owners or their management company.

However WeWantThatVilla will only amend, remove or alter the terms and conditions in order to comply with US or Florida Law or other prevailing Law or to improve the overall vacation experience that the guest may expect to receive and undertakes not to alter them to the direct detriment of the guests except where it can not be avoided due to Law.