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Let us give you a Quick Quote to find your next Vacation Villa!

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Eating and Drinking


There are literally hundreds of places to eat and drink within minutes of the accommodation. These cater for all tastes including American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Fast Food and Fine Dining. Most restaurants do a wide range of foods so, just because it's a Chinese, does not mean it does not do steaks. Virtually every restaurant is child friendly, and I mean child friendly. There are virtually no restrictions on children in any restaurant and most do specialist menus with colouring items or games for the children. Dress is limited to "shirt and shoes" minimum but otherwise it's what you feel comfortable in. In fact the only dress rule in most restaurants is “No Naked People!”. Florida is funny like that.

Tips for eating out in Florida

- You can usually eat in any part of the restaurant including outside and at the bar. However please make sure you pay the bill with the person who serves you as each section of the restaurant may have different tills.

- If you move from one section of the restaurant to another; ie from the bar to a table then please settle your bar bill before moving
- Children are mainly not allowed to sit at the bar but otherwise are very welcome

- Check your bill carefully as a lot of restaurants add a "gratuity" onto the bill and then offer a place for a tip as well. The gratuity IS a TIP and is usually 18% of the total. Don't be shy to ask for it to be removed if you are not happy with the service (which will be very rare).

- Portions are very big. Most places will allow you to share a main meal at no extra cost and you can always “box up” anything you dont eat to take home with you.

- Alcohol is expensive if it's not draft American beer, which is always ice cold and actually very good. Cocktails are good value and refreshing but beware they will be strong. Wine is very expensive at $7 - $9 per small glass. If there are enough of you, go for a bottle.

- Cheese is on virtually everything, and I mean everything. If you don't like cheese then always ask as it will be on the strangest things.

- If you don't like sauces all over your food just ask for everything "on the side".

- In America you can generally have whatever you want, regardless of what's on the menu. Just ask and most places will do it for you.