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Busch Gardens

The rides in this park are:

Congo River Rapids –A whitewater rafting expedition where you will get wet.

Kumba– A roller coaster with a 135 foot drop.

Cobra’s Curse – Spinning roller coaster with a 70-foot vertical lift.

Falcon’s Fury - A 335-foot freestanding drop tower.

Cheetah Hunt – A triple-launch roller coaster.

SheiKra- A 200-foot tall floorless dive coaster with a 90-degree drop.

Montu– An inverted coaster with a 60-foot vertical loop.

Skyride – A cable car ride with panoramic views.

Stanley Falls Flume- A family-friendly log flume ride.

Phoenix– Go upside down a swinging ship.

Serengeti Express Train– Ride around the plains and see free roaming animals.

ScorpionA 360-degree vertical loop, upside down.

SandSerpent– A 5 storey coaster with drops, and corkscrews.

Air Grover– A children’s first roller coaster.

Wild Surge- Family-friendly drop tower where you can glimpse animals.

Jungle Flyers- Kid-friendly zipline ride.



The shows in the park are:

Turn It Up – an ice show with aerial moments and eclectic pop music.

Rock a Doo Wop – Musical show.

A is for Africa – A musical show featuring Elmo, Abby, Zoe, Grover and Cookie Monster.

Opening Night Critters – A theatrical animal show.


Animal Experiences

Animal Feeding– You can hand feed feathered and furry friends.

Animal Care Center– where u can observe and even take part in the animal care experience.

Animal Connections– Where you can get up close and personal to a variety of animals.

Serengeti Safari Tour – A 30 minute of road wildlife safari where you can hand feed giraffes.

The Wildlife Docs - Get an inside look at the park's animal care and meet the doctors.