Electronic System for Travel Authorization: Everything You Need to Know

Electronic System for Travel Authorization

Due to the fact that we are experts in Florida travel and have assisted thousands of vacationers in finding their dream Orlando accommodation, we regularly get asked for information regarding the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

We appreciate that for many people travelling to Florida for the first time, understanding the process of applying for permission to enter the USA can be complicated.  That’s why we thought we’d create a detailed guide that highlights everything you need to know about ESTA.

What is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)?

ESTA is a web-based system that that is used to determine whether an individual has the right to travel to the United States of America. It was introduced by the US Department of Homeland Security to prevent undesirable citizens, from countries involved in the Visa Waiver Program, entering America.

How and when to apply for ESTA

The best way to apply to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is by visiting their website and completing an online application form. Click “Here” to access the official ESTA website. There are many other sites but they all charge you a fee for something you can easily do yourself. In January 2018 the application fee is $14 per person and there is no need to pay any more than that.

You will be required to enter your passport details, however, the application process only takes a few minutes to complete. Please be very careful to answer the questions accurately as you will not be able to edit them once you have submitted the form and you can only do it once so be VERY careful how you answer the straightforward questions.

Upon completion of your application form, you will receive one of three responses. These are:

  • Authorization Approved – This means you have been approved to travel to the USA
  • Travel Not Authorized – This means you have not been approved to travel to the USA
  • Authorization Pending – This means your application hasn’t yet been approved or denied and you will receive your answer soon

Although in most cases ESTA applications are approved in seconds, it can take up to 72 hours to receive a response so we recommend submitting your application a minimum of a week before your departure.

What to do if ESTA is denied

If your application to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is denied, you still have the option to apply for a non-immigrant visa at the US Embassy. You’ll be asked to attend a short interview at the Embassy, after which, if you’ve been approved, you’ll receive your non-immigrant visa.

If you think that you may be refused an ESTA then we highly recommend that you apply for it as soon as possible as obtaining a visa is a time consuming, and not guaranteed process.

Generally, you will be refused an ESTA if you have a conviction which resulted in a prison sentence anywhere in the World or your status in the UK is not permanent.

Now you’re up to date on what ESTA is and how to apply, are you ready to plan your vacation?

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