Top 5 Cheap Restaurants in Disney World

Cheap Restaurants in Disney World

Speaking from our experience of visiting Disney World Florida ourselves, we understand how expensive eating at some of Disney’s restaurants can be, however, we also appreciate that sometimes it is nice to eat inside the resort and enjoy the whole Disney experience.

If you’re on a tight budget but are still hoping for the holiday of a life time at Disney World Florida, we want you to know that it is possible to do everything you want, including eating out, on the tightest of budgets.

To help you keep to your vacation budget and still be able to enjoy the pleasures of some of Disney World’s best places to eat, we’ve put together our top 5 cheap restaurants in Disney World that are ideal for families of any size.

What are the top 5 cheap restaurants in Disney World?

Below are a selection of the cheaper restaurants inside Disney World Resort that are perfect for those days where cooking at the villa doesn’t seem like an option but you still want to stick to your budget.

  1. Blaze Pizza

The first on our list of cheap restaurants in Disney World is Blaze Pizza. With brilliant reviews on TripAdvisor and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, this great pizzeria is located at Disney Springs. Their pizzas start at just over $5 and salads and desserts are also available.

  1. Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes is a buffet restaurant that caters to people with a variety of tastes. From salads and baked potatoes to macaroni cheese and soups, there’s definitely something for everyone. Also renowned for their fantastic desserts, this restaurant is good value for money.

  1. Earl of Sandwich

Again located in Disney Springs, this restaurant is a tasty and traditional sandwich place that offers all the classics. Although it’s slightly pricier than some of the other restaurants we’ve mentioned, the portions aren’t for the faint hearted and side dishes can be ordered to go with any sandwich.

  1. Sofrito Latin Café

If you’re a fan of South American cuisine for an affordable price, you’ll love Sofrito Latin Café. With a variety of menu options and low prices, this is an ideal place for anyone with a small budget.

  1. Flame Tree Barbecue

Traditional American cuisine is something that everybody needs to experience when visiting Florida and Flame Tree Barbeque is just the place to do it. Situated in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this restaurant is the ideal place to eat after visiting this section of the park.

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Top 5 Thrilling Disney World Rides

Disney World Rides - Expedition Everest

It’s not hard to understand why Disney World Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world when you consider how much it has to offer. From spending time shopping and eating in restaurants, to visiting the safari animals and enjoying an ice cream, you’re never short of something to do.

Besides wanting to meet some of Disney’s most famous characters, one of the main attractions at Disney World Orlando is their variety of thrilling rides. With something for the entire family, the theme park rides make a fun day out for everyone.

Having tried and tested some of their biggest and most famous rides, we’ve put together a selection of the top Disney World rides to help you plan your trip to Disney World.

Top 5 Disney World Rides

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

As the second fastest ride in Disney World, reaching speeds of 57mph, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is located in the Hollywood Studios area of the park. Not only does it go upside down, it’s also the only rollercoaster in Disney World to have an inverted drop. Better still, as you’re souring around the track at high speeds, Aerosmith tracks are played in the background. This ride is perfect for those that love thrills and old school rock and roll.

  1. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is one of the most popular rides at the Disney World Orlando Resort and is experienced by millions of people each year. It’s a traditional rollercoaster that’s been taken to the next level with a series of special effects and stunning scenery and although it’s not filled with surprising drops and loop-the-loops, it does go backwards once you’ve reached to top of the track.

  1. Tower of Terror

At 61 meters high with a 40 meter drop, the Tower of Terror is third on our list of top Disney World rides and is set inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Simulating a haunted hotel, visitors follow bellhops into a lift, where they are strapped into their seats and the ride begins. Guests are then dropped for 40 meters at 39 mph before reaching the hotel basement and stepping off the ride.

  1. Space Mountain

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster that follows the theme of being inside a spaceship and exploring the universe. The roller coaster is in complete darkness with the occasional flashes of strobe lighting and consists of a series of steep drops and sharp turns. It’s the oldest roller coaster in the Disney World Resort but has since been modernised.

  1. Splash Mountain

The final ride on our list of the top Disney World rides is Splash Mountain. Covering half a mile and boasting several mini drops, the Splash Mountain log flume is another of the most popular rides at the resort. After making its way around the track, exploring caves and swamps and interacting with characters, the ride finishes with a 5 story drop.

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Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

Regardless of the size of your budget, an ultimate Disney World savings guide is something that every parent needs when visiting the world-renowned destination.

Founded in 1971, Disney World Florida quickly became the dream holiday destination for families worldwide and has continued to increase in popularity in the years since. However, due to the popularity increase, the cost of visiting the park has also become drastically more expensive.

Over the course of 2016, over 20 million people visited the Magic Kingdom at the Disney World Florida resort and this number is constantly increasing!

If you’re currently planning your next trip to Disney World Florida, this guide will give you some top tips on saving money when you’re there, whilst still enjoying every moment of your family vacation.

Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

As we’ve holidayed at Disney World and visited Florida so many times, we’ve experienced the cost of staying there first hand and understand how expensive it can be. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with a selection of money saving tips that will help you keep your spending to a minimum.

  1. Plan the vacation early

One of the great ways to save money when having a vacation at Disney World is by planning the trip well in advance. Disney offers several deals and discounts for people wanting to book for the following year that will save you hundreds of dollars.

Furthermore, the cost of visiting Disney World varies depending on the season. For example, visiting during holiday periods like Independence Day and Thanksgiving will be much more expensive than visiting during off-peak months.

  1. Stay at a villa outside the park

Although Disney World Florida has hundreds of hotels on site, it’s extremely expensive to stay for the period of your vacation because of the fact that the attractions are so close by. The more cost-effective option is to hire a villa in a location near the park or to stay in a local hotel.

There are several hotels and villas within close vicinity of the park that cost considerably less, most of which are only a few minutes’ drive away.

  1. Use a travel agent

Using an experienced travel agent to help you plan your Disney World vacation can, in some cases, be one of the most affordable options. This is because travel agents often work with resorts such as Disney World to offer fantastic deals on vacations.

Travel agents can help with the planning of the entire trip and can even recommend and book the best hotels, restaurants and attractions for a discounted price.

  1. Buy a multi-day park ticket

Park tickets are available to purchase and can give you access to several areas of the park, nonetheless, day tickets are expensive. That’s why it’s best to buy multi-day park tickets. Disney World offers a discount for multi-day tickets which means that the cost per day is cheaper than buying on a daily basis.

  1. Self-cater

Disney World has several restaurants within the park that can be used at any time, however, these restaurants are usually expensive, purely because of their convenience.

One of the best ways to save money when visiting the park is to buy your own food and make your own meals using the facilities in your hotel. If you really want to eat out, perhaps visit a Disney restaurant once or twice during your trip or eat in restaurants outside of the park and make your own meals the rest of the time. This will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your vacation.

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