Dinner shows as entertainment in Orlando

Most people’s perception of entertainment in Orlando is the theme parks, but there are lots more choices of family/adult than you think. Here are a suggested few:

Pirates Dinner Adventure Orlando– One of Orlando attractions Broadway-style musicals

A swashbuckling show of banditry and bravery upon the high seas, full of action, romance, and comedy, in addition to the spectacular stunts, dazzling special effects, enchanting singing, amazing aerial act during a dinner show. You eat on a replica of an 18th-century ship which is anchored in an indoor lagoon.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre- A crime solving entertainment in Orlando

 A fun interactive experience for the whole family, guest who experience fine dining also play a part in the solving the mystery as actors involve them in the plot. Every clue you need to figure out the murder and their motive is given during the course of the show…but subtly. Taking the themed dining option to a new level, the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre puts you and your family into one of the many different plays. Whether you find yourself in a wedding, a tropical vacation, a family reunion, or something else entirely, you can be sure that someone will be murdered and it will be up to you to determine who did it and how they accomplished the job.

Outta Control Magic Dinner Show– A magical entertainment in Orlando

 Enjoy a delicious meal, the laughs and chuckles won’t end as the audience becomes a part of this hilarious comedy dinner show. There is mind reading, and vanishing acts as Illusionist Tony Brent wows the crowd with magic, comedy, and hilarious impersonations, expect some audience interaction.

Treasure Tavern Burlesque, Comedy & Magical Dinner Show– One of the adult things to do in Orlando

This adult only dinner and show will give you a nice break from the kids as you enjoy acrobatics, comedy, great food, and live music at The Treasure Tavern Burlesque, Comedy & Magical Dinner Show

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament –  

 Set in a replica of an 11th century castle, the restaurant is an active dining experience that involves Andalusian stallions and 6 actors dressed in incredible coats of armour, yielding real weapons battle it out in a series of challenges of steel, steed and falconry. One of the Knights entertainment in Orlando to remember!


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