Tigris opens April 19 at Busch Gardens


Tigris at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Florida's Tallest Launch Coaster

An innovative experience, Tigris will catapult riders through an exhilarating array of looping twists with forward and backward motion, breath-taking drops, a 150-foot skyward surge, and an inverted heartline roll, all at more than 60 miles per hour. Tigris will race riders along more than 1,800 feet of steel track designed to mimic the awe-inspiring agility of the world’s largest and most powerful cat –the tiger


KareKare Curl to open at Aquatica Orlando April 12


karekare curl

Aquatica Orlando’s newest attraction opens on April 12.

“KareKare” means “waves” in the Maori language, and when combined with “Curl,” meaning in a curved shape, this new ride earns the description of “curve-shaped wave” – which is exactly what riders will experience when climbing the vertical wave wall.