Make the most of your Florida vacation rentals

Essential tips on planning and finding your perfect Florida vacation rentals

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Which Transportation do you need to use to get to your Florida vacation rentals?

Depending on where you live, are you flying or are you near enough to drive? If you’re flying internationally you have a choice of Orlando International Airport or Sanford and can rent a car to be picked up from the airport. Hiring a car and driving yourself to places is often the most frugal option for most families as you can make the decision of setting off times and places to visit.

Set a budget

The first step in planning any vacation is to decide how much you are willing to spend on it. Is this going to be a once in a lifetime trip with lots of theme parks/water parks being visited, souvenir’s bought and eating out? Or a budget one with only a certain amount of parks visited, mainly eating in and only a minimal souvenir bought. Florida can be enjoyed on either of these budgets. As with any vacation or major purchase, it’s a good idea to have a grasp on the anticipated cost prior to booking a vacation. Researching and budgeting for the costs prior to your vacation will help you feel more secure in your budgeting and purchasing.

The length of your visit in a Florida Vacation rentals

This is one of the things that may be determined for you by your commitments at home/work, school schedules and of course budget. Once these things are considered how many nights will you be wanting to be stay? If your driving will you want to fit in activities on the drive there or back? Are you planning to only visit the theme parks only? And think that you can do one a day? Believe me this is not a good idea! You will be tired from the miles of walking you will do around the park itself and from the heat. It is advisable to do a park one day then a have rest day chilling round the pool or maybe a little bit of shopping, so take this into consideration when planning the length of your stay and how places you will be wanting to visit whilst staying. If you can only stay a few nights, you can certainly see and do many things even with a short amount of time and still enjoy them.

Research your Florida vacation rentals

Take into consideration how many is in your party and how big you need your accommodation to be. Have you rented a car to drive to the parks and other entertainment, or do you need to stay on a resort where there is a shuttle bus to take you? Do you want your own private pool or would you prefer a community pool? Do you want to be on a resort with lots of amenities for the children and adults alike or do you think you probably wouldn’t use these? Decide what makes best sense for your family and book accordingly.

Have a schedule

Which parks/water parks or other activities do you want to visit? Take into account opening/travelling times. How much time do you want to spend there and are you going on a day when the parks close early for scheduled events i.e. Mickeys very Christmas party, it may be advisable to choose a different park in that case then for that day. Do you want to stay at the park all day or take a break mid-afternoon when the sun is at its hottest and go back to your villa for a cooling swim and rest and go back to the park later? If you have a limited time for your vacation and want to fit in as much as you can then you can park hop, this means you can do 2 parks in one day.  Consider scheduling in some shopping time and a morning to sleep late and lounge by the pool you will need the rest!!

Buy tickets

 This can be done in a variety of ways and from several different places. The one recommendation is NEVER buy vouchers only actual tickets and only from reputable sources. Consider how many days you want to be attending the parks then once you’ve thought about your schedule, you’ll need to buy tickets. You can purchase tickets in increments of days. However, the main thing you need to think about when buying tickets is what you want to do with your time. On the base tickets, once you leave the park you have used your day up and to re-enter will cost you another day. If you plan to stay at the same park all day without leaving, then you’ll be fine with the base tickets. If you want to leave the park for a meal, nap, or have some pool time at your Florida vacation rentals and come back later in the day, you’ll want to add the Park Hopper option to your tickets.

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