10 Awesome Facts About Universal Studios

Universal Studios is one of the main attractions and reasons that groups travel to Florida. With over 8.3 million visitors each year, it is clear to see this theme park has a lot to offer!

Universal Orlando has so much to offer its visitors, with main attractions including the recently opened Harry Potter Land, Marvel Super Hero Island and rides from everyone’s favourite characters such as The Simpsons, Men in Black and much more.

We are often asked by our guests, key things they need to know prior to visiting the parks in order to make the most of their time there. With so much to cover it can be difficult to take in the best attractions and rides for all the family.

There is also a lot more to Universal than the rides, there’s great entertainment and quirky information that only true fans know! We thought we’d let you in on a little secret and share 10 awesome facts about Universal Studios:

  1. You can call the Ministry of Magic
  2. The park has a hidden entrance – we’d tell you where but that wouldn’t be much fun, see if you can find it during your stay!
  3. You can ask for a tour of the immigration room from the Men in Black movies, and in some cases you may be allowed to skip the line for the ride at the end of the tour!
  4. Universal has exclusive drinks! Duff Beer is brewed only for Universal Orlando which is Homer Simpson’s favourite beer
  5. The Jurassic Park ride holds a world record: the 85-foot drop is the longest water descent ever created
  6. It’s a working film studio
  7. The only remaining original ride is E.T Adventure from 1990 when the park opened to the public for the first time
  8. Outside of The Hard Rock Café there is an actual piece of the Berlin Wall!
  9. The founders of Hogwarts are only featured in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – something that isn’t covered in any of the films
  10. The Jurassic Park ride cost $110 million to build – shockingly double the amount of the cost to make the film!

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