Our Villa rentals in Florida Golf Communities

Florida golf communities’ rentals provide the perfect accommodation for any avid golfer that’s planning the golfing vacation of a lifetime. Boasting over 1000 golf courses within it’s boarder, millions of people flock to the state each year to try their hand at the sport which means you’ll always have an opponent.

Our rentals in Florida golf communities

Currently, we have over 200 villas listed on our website with more being added every day – many of which are situated in some of the most prestigious golf communities Florida has to offer.

Our villas are suitable for groups of any size as they boast between 3 and 8 bedrooms and each villa is managed by a professional management agency that will ensure the property and pool are cleaned before and after your stay.

Fitted with fully functioning kitchens and providing a beautiful outdoor seating area by your own private pool, you’ll truly be able to live like a local and treat your villa as a home away from home.

Why stay in rentals at Florida golf communities?

  • Easy access to the golf course

Having easy access to the golf course is a vital part of any golfing vacation and when staying in a rental villa within the community, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Regardless of what time you want to play, you’ll only ever be a few feet away from the golfing green so you can grab your clubs and start the game.

  • Stunning greenery views

The second benefit of choosing to stay in a Florida golf community rental is that many of the onsite villas overlook the stunning greenery, therefore providing wonderful views that you wouldn’t receive from other communities.

  • Several other amenities

On the odd occasion that you might want to take a break from playing golf, many golf communities are also equipped with a variety of other amenities that can be utilised by all guests. Whether you’re interested in working out in the fitness suite or whether you would prefer to test out your pool skills in the club house, you’ll never be short of other entertainment.

  • Peace and quiet

Finally, one of the most enjoyable aspects of staying in a golfing community is peace and quiet. In most cases, golf communities are situated further away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and often surrounded by wildlife which makes them much quieter than other communities.

Ready to take the next step and choose one of our many Florida golf communities rentals?

If you’re currently in the process of planning your next golfing vacation to Florida, feel free to browse the selection of rental villas listed on our website – all of which are located inside or nearby some of Orlando’s best golf courses.

Each of the 200 villas we have listed on our website have their own private pool and parking space which means you’ll have the option to sit back and relax in the sun or head out on an adventure in your hire car. Visit our homepage to start your search today.

Additionally, if you have any questions and you’d like to speak directly to one of our Owners, please feel free to call us on 01282 822803 or email us at findmeavilla@wwtv.us and we’ll happily answer any of your questions and provide you with further information about our service.

Things to consider if you are looking at hotels in Florida

When planning your dream vacation to Florida, the accommodation plays a huge part in how enjoyable you find your break. For example, staying in an overpriced, packed hotels in Florida can result in you struggling to relax and make the most out of your time away.

We have booked many villas for clients that previously considered hotels for their vacation, only to find that a villa offers much more space, freedom and value for money.

Some of the things we recommend considering when looking at hotels in Florida are:

  1. How many flights up will you be and how far down the corridor from the elevator is your room? Is there anyone in your party that struggles with mobility issues that this may affect? What view you will have from your hotel room?
  2. How far is to the pool from your hotel room? Do you have far to carry all your bathing items or return to if you have forgotten something! Do you have to get up early to get a sun lounger especially if you all want to sit together?
  3. How far to the hotel restaurant/snack bar, can you send the kids on their own if they want something? How expensive is it, will you have to set limitations on your budget for ices and chips etc.? Will the menu be to everyone’s choice?
  4. Where and how much will it cost you to park if you have a vehicle (a tip every time will also be expected by the valet/concierge) how far is it from your hotel?
  5. Will your hotel room be ready when you get here, or will you have to wait for it to be made up, can you keep it until you need to leave, how much extra will it cost?
  6. Will your room neighbours be as quiet as you need them to be? Will they be on the same sleep pattern as you, or slamming doors and making noise when they come in and disturbing your sleep?
  7. Will fellow hotel users respect common decency in regards to language especially around your children and will they follow social etiquette or will you or your children be barged and banged out to the way for them to get to the bar/food etc.

Book one of our Florida villas instead…

With our villas in Florida you’ll know exactly where you’re staying from the day you book, each villa listed on our website has high quality images and an explanation of it’s location.

As you’ll be staying in your own villa you don’t need to worry about being close to neighbours or having those that you are sharing pool space with being inconsiderate. You will benefit from having your own space for you and those you are travelling with.

Free parking is available at all our villas too – so you’ll make savings on having to pay or parking and tipping the staff working on the carpark/valet service.

Those that are looking to have a relaxing holiday should make the most of our Florida villas, with great prices too, you don’t even need to break the bank with your dream vacation.

To start browsing our website simply visit our homepage and input the information into our villa search. Or to speak to a member of our team simply call 01254 822 803 and we’ll be happy to explain more about our booking process and how to make the most of your Florida vacation.