Pre-Holiday Checklist – What to Do Before Going On Vacation

Jetting off on a luxury vacation to Florida is exciting for anyone, however, it can be extremely stressful keeping organized without a pre-holiday checklist. When travelling to America there are a number of things to consider and organise before you are ready to relax.

As we have travelled to Florida so many times, we like to think that we have our packing and organizing down to perfection, so we thought we should share our top tips to help our clients stop worrying about their vacation.

Visa Application

Before travelling to the United States, you must obtain the correct Visa. Most commonly those that are a national of a Visa Waiver Program country apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

We have previously explained everything you need to know about the ESTA application however make sure to apply at least 72 hours before you fly to the US as it takes this long for the application to be approved.

Get your boarding passes and passports ready

If you’re flying to Florida, you’ll need a boarding pass to access the plane and get through security. The night before you fly, get out your boarding passes and put them in an inside compartment of your hand luggage. This will make the morning of your vacation a little less stressful and ensure you don’t leave it at home.

Decide how you’re traveling to the airport

Whether you are planning on taking a cab or having a friend drive you, make sure that before you go on vacation you know how you’re making your way to the airport. Plan what time you need to set off and leave some extra time in case there’s a lot of traffic. Being organized will ensure you arrive at the airport in time for your flight.

Check your luggage allowance

Every flight will only allow you to take a certain amount of luggage with you and going over this limit will lead to added charges that can be very expensive. Make sure that you’re aware of your luggage allowance and only pack the things that are the most important.

Weigh your luggage on some household scales before you leave for the airport to make sure you haven’t exceeded your allowance. If you are over your limit, take some items out of your suitcase and put them into your hand luggage or leave some things at home. Our villas have bath towels that can be used poolside.

Pack your suitcase with all the essentials

The next thing on our pre-holiday checklist is packing your suitcase. When packing your suitcase, only take the items that you’re definitely going to need and try to leave space for any souvenirs you buy whilst on vacation. This will help you stay within your luggage allowance and means you can bring back things from your vacation without worrying about being charged an extra fee. Pack suitable clothing and any of your essential beauty products. Medications should be packed in your hand carry on in case your luggage goes missing.

Carry on restrictions

As you will already know there are restrictions in terms of what is allowed in your hand luggage, it is important to check your hand luggage before flying to prevent items from being removed from you at security.

Your airline will have a list of allowed items on their website.

Secure your home

Before setting off for the airport, check that all of the windows and doors in your home are locked and that any electrical appliances are switched off. This will prevent anybody from having access to your home whilst you’re away.

If your vacation is going to last longer than a few days, perhaps ask a neighbour or family friend to check on your home every few days to make sure everything is okay.

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Why choose a Vacation Rental In Orlando over a hotel?

For anyone that has stayed in vacation rentals in Orlando previously, they’ll know that it’s a much nicer experience than staying in a hotel. Villas offer much more privacy and space and a relaxed atmosphere. You have the freedom to come and go as you please and enjoy the luxuries that a private villa has to offer.

Why are vacation rentals in Orlando better than hotels?

Hiring a villa in Orlando instead of staying in one of many hotels is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to save money, have more privacy and space and have the freedom to do things without time constraints. Here’s why:

  • Privacy

Unlike hotels in which vacationers from all over the world stay, villas offer much more privacy. There’s no need to be surrounded by others on holiday that you don’t know because, with a villa, you can sit back and relax with your loved ones in your own private space.

  • Freedom

Staying in vacation rentals in Orlando enables you to have more freedom than if you were to stay in a hotel. Returning to your room late at night after a day filled with activities or leaving early in the morning isn’t an issue when you hire a villa because there are no other guests you need to worry about disturbing. It also gives you the chance to sleep in without risking missing the breakfast buffet and you can check out of the villa at the end of your vacation at a time that suits you.

  • Value for money

Overall, if you’re traveling in a large group, staying in a villa can be much cheaper than renting out several separate hotel rooms because guests can split the cost of hire between one another. This can save each vacationer hundreds of dollars during their holiday. Furthermore, because most hospitality staff rely heavily on tips as their income, tips and service charges can be a huge cost over the course of the vacation. Staying in a villa without staff means that you’re saving hundreds of dollars on tips that can then be used for activities.

  • Space

When staying in hotels, space is limited due to a number of other guests and the size of each bedroom. There usually isn’t anywhere for the kids to run around and at busy times, the hotel can feel crowded. In comparison, vacation rentals in Orlando can offer much more space that can be enjoyed by all the family.

  • Home away from home

Finally, one of the best things about hiring an Orlando villa for your vacation is the fact that it can be treated as your home away from home. Whether you want to have a family barbecue by the pool or cuddle up on the sofa watching movies, you can do everything you would at home.

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